The Best Spyderco

The Top 19 Best Spyderco

Vanessa Harmon
20 min readApr 5, 2024
  1. Spyderco K20SPR Purple Counter Puppy Knife — 7Cr17 Steel — Spyderco K20SPR Counter Puppy Purple — Stylish, puppy-shaped knife with a 7Cr17 stainless steel blade, perfect for adding a unique touch to your kitchen cutlery collection.
  2. Premium Spyderco Kitchen Utility Knife: Stainless Steel Blade and Ergonomic Handle — Upgrade your kitchen cutting tasks with Spyderco’s K04 Utility Knife, featuring an exceptional MBS-26 stainless steel blade, renowned durability, and a user-friendly black handle.
  3. Spyderco Dragonfly Wooden Knife Kit for Kids — Bring the thrill and excitement of a pocket knife into your family’s hands with the Spyderco Dragonfly Wooden Knife Kit, a safe and instructive woodworking project for ages 7 and up.
  4. Spyderco Pointed-End Z-Cut Utility Knife with Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Blade — The Spyderco K14PGN Z-Cut Kitchen Knife, featuring a full-flat grind and non-slip polypropylene handle, offers a versatile and ergonomic cutting experience in the kitchen.
  5. Spyderco Bow River Fixed Blade Knife for Everyday Use — Spyderco’s Bow River FB46GP is a budget-friendly fixed blade knife designed by Phil Wilson, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, with a 2.7mm blade thick and a leather sheath featuring a belt loop.
  6. Spyderco Ark Personal Defense Knife — Spyderco Ark Personal Defense Knife with 2.50" Blade — A lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and ergonomically designed tool that ensures convenience for any situation.
  7. Spyderco 603F Gauntlet Select Sharpener — Easy Knife Sharpening Solution — Experience hassle-free, razor-sharp results with the Spyderco 603F Gauntlet Select Sharpener, a user-friendly sharpening system perfect for novices and professionals alike.
  8. Spyderco Ceramic File Set — 4-Piece USA-Made File Set — Spyderco Ceramic File Set W-Pouch offers a premium 4-piece set, including round, square, triangular, and slip shaped rods- perfect for deburring hardened tools, molds, and carbide, all in a neat suede pouch, made in the USA.
  9. Versatile BaliYo Pen Spyderco — Ambidextrous Toy & Writing Instrument — The Spyderco BaliYo pen offers versatility, design, and American craftsmanship, making it a world-class writing instrument and an entertaining way to enhance your hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
  10. Heavy-Duty BaliYo Butterfly Pen with Versatile Handling and Retractable Feature by Spyderco — The Spyderco BaliYo Heavy Duty Butterfly Pen with a versatile design and rotating handles turns your daily writing into a skill-based, spinning adventure.
  11. Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker: Comprehensive Knife Sharpening System — Spyderco’s Tri-Angle Sharpmaker Kit offers a versatile sharpening system, effortlessly improving the sharpness of knives, scissors, fish hooks, and more, all under the guidance of a comprehensive instruction booklet and DVD.
  12. Portable Field Stone Pouch for Sharpening by Spyderco — Sharpen engraving tools on the go with the Spyderco Ceramic Pocket Stone, featuring a portable field pack and durable leather carrying case for fine-grit honing.
  13. Spyderco Ceramic Bench Stone Sharpener — Spyderco’s ceramic bench stones offer highly effective honing capabilities for a variety of wide tools and blades, coming in Medium, Fine, or Ultrafine grits and featuring a rigid polymer storage case with rubber feet for easy tabletop use.
  14. Premium Deburring and Sharpening Tool by Spyderco — Spyderco’s Ceramic File Round — A Fine-Grit Sharpening Solution Perfect for Deburring, Sharpening, and Finishing with Precision, Made in the USA.
  15. Spyderco Ultra-Fine Ceramic Sharpening Stone for Large Knives — Experience exceptional sharpness and easy maintenance with the ultra-fine, ultra-thin ceramic bench stone from Spyderco, perfect for woodworking tools and large knives — now made in the USA!
  16. Premium Sharpening Tool: Spyderco Golden Stone — The Spyderco Golden Stone whetstone, a duck’s foot-shaped sharpening tool, effortlessly sets the perfect angle for scissors, serrated blades, and pointed objects while offering durability, performance, and versatility.
  17. Spyderco YUS116 BaliYo Butterfly Pen — Versatile, Fun, and Made in the USA — Experience versatile and innovative writing with the Spyderco YUS116 Baliyo Butterfly Pen — a world-class pen with retractable cartridge that doubles as a playful ambidextrous toy for improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  18. Unleash Your Creativity with Spyderco Baliyo Butterfly Pen Red/White/Blue — The Spyderco Baliyo Butterfly Pen offers unlimited ambidextrous hand/eye coordination fun with its sleek design, safe spinning, and flipping capabilities, while also promoting fine motor skills for beginners and experienced pen flip enthusiasts.
  19. High-Quality Triangle Ceramic Knife Sharpener by Spyderco — Experience the perfect sharpness and durability with Spyderco’s Ceramic File Triangle, an ideal solution for jewelers, gunsmiths, and dental professionals seeking a reliable and easy-to-use tool.

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Spyderco K20SPR Purple Counter Puppy Knife — 7Cr17 Steel


I recently gave the Spyderco K20SPR Counter Puppy Purple a try in my daily kitchen routine, and it quickly became one of my go-to knives. The 7Cr17 stainless steel blade offers excellent edge retention, ensuring a smooth and efficient slicing experience. But what really sets this knife apart is its Counter Puppy design, which adds a fun and distinctive touch to your kitchen setup.

However, the synthetic purple handle may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and its overall size might not be as versatile as some might prefer. Despite its minor flaws, the Counter Puppy Purple has proven to be a reliable and functional addition to my kitchen arsenal, thanks to its sturdy build, sharp blade, and unique puppy-like design.

Premium Spyderco Kitchen Utility Knife: Stainless Steel Blade and Ergonomic Handle


The Spyderco Kitchen Utility Knife caught my attention when I was looking for an affordable and sharp knife to aid in meal prep. The black plain design of the knife stood out against a sea of colorful utensils, and I was intrigued by the claim of its exceptional performance.

Upon opening the package, I was immediately struck by the sleek handle and the sharpness of the knife. The plain edge was surprisingly sharp right out of the box, and I found it to be perfect for slicing through a variety of foods. Its MBS-26 stainless steel blade was impressively thin and sliced through even the toughest foods with ease.

However, the knife’s lightweight nature did pose some issues. While it was easy to handle for thin and delicate tasks, I found it to be less sturdy when dealing with thicker or harder foods. Additionally, the black plastic handle seemed to be a bit too smooth, resulting in a less grippy texture than I would have preferred.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Spyderco Kitchen Utility Knife has become a staple in my kitchen arsenal. Its sharpness and versatility make it a valuable tool for meal prep, and the black plain design adds a touch of sophistication to my collection of utensils.

Spyderco Dragonfly Wooden Knife Kit for Kids


When it comes to DIY wooden pocketknife kits, the Spyderco Dragonfly Wooden Kit certainly stands out from the crowd. Made of fine, genuine wood, it offers a unique and authentic pocketknife experience for your child. With no sharp edges to worry about, this wooden kit makes it a perfect toy for all age groups.

The wooden Spyderco Dragonfly folds just like the real deal, providing the same satisfaction and tactile feel as its metal cousin. The product is not just easy to assemble, but also comes complete with clear, step-by-step instructions. Its light weight makes it ideal for children to carry and play with, providing hours of quiet, creative fun.

However, there are a few things to note. As with any wooden product, the quality might vary slightly with each batch. Secondly, since the pocketknife is fully made of wood, it might not hold up as long as its metal counterpart. But these are minor concerns considering the overall value and entertainment it provides.

For any child who loves knives, or merely any curious little one who enjoys a good DIY project, the Spyderco Dragonfly Knife Wooden Kit comes highly recommended. Gift this to your loved one or indulge in one for yourself and let the fun unfold.

Spyderco Pointed-End Z-Cut Utility Knife with Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Blade


Say goodbye to slipping kitchen knives as you dive into your culinary creations. The Spyderco Z-Cut Utility Knife is a reliable and ergonomic addition to your kitchen arsenal. I loved the green polypropylene handle that provided a non-slip grip, perfect for those greasy meal prep tasks.

What really stands out is the corrosion-resistant stainless steel in the full-flat ground blade. It glides right through veggies and fruits with ease, allowing me to create delicious, elegant dishes. Now, a potential downside — the weight may be a bit more than those flimsy kitchen knives you’re used to, but this only adds to its durability. Plus, the 8.75-inch overall length ensures it covers a wide range of kitchen tasks.

Remember, the little things matter. This Spyderco Z-Cut Utility Knife fits perfectly in your hand, offering a comfortable grip. The offset design just completes the package. It’s become my favorite kitchen companion, and I can’t wait for you to experience its versatility and efficiency in action!

Spyderco Bow River Fixed Blade Knife for Everyday Use


I recently added the Spyderco Bow River Fixed Blade Knife to my collection, and I’m glad I did. The sleek, slim design of the blade is perfect for precision cuts in hunting and skinning, while still being robust enough for various bushcraft tasks.

Upon opening the package, the first thing that caught my eye was the G10 handle material. It adds a touch of class and makes the knife feel premium in hand. Additionally, the balance of the knife is fantastic, and the handle is comfortable to grip even during long cutting sessions.

The blade itself is made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, which has its pros and cons. While it’s not the most robust or rust-resistant steel out there, it’s more than adequate for the price point. One thing I particularly liked about the steel is the razor-sharp edge right out of the box. It made quick work of various cutting tasks, from preparing meats to slicing fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, the leather sheath that comes with the knife had some minor flaws. While the quality is good, it seems a bit too snug and requires a bit of a break-in period before providing the best grip. However, this is a minor compromise considering the overall value and quality of the knife itself.

In summary, the Spyderco Bow River Fixed Blade Knife is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable fixed blade knife for their outdoor adventures. The slim design, comfortable grip, and quality blade make it a standout product, even if the sheath could use some small improvements.

Spyderco Ark Personal Defense Knife


During my search for the perfect multi-use tool that wouldn’t weigh me down, I stumbled upon the Spyderco Ark Personal Defense Knife. Its lightweight design and superior blade steel really caught my attention, promising a durable, high-quality knife I could rely on.

As I began to use it in my daily life, I was pleasantly surprised by several key features. Not only does it feel light as a feather, but the knife’s curved clip-point blade made of H-1 steel offered unmatched sharpness and edge retention. The handle, made from a fiberglass-reinforced nylon, ensured a firm grip even in wet conditions.

However, the Spyderco Ark comes with a couple of drawbacks. I found the overall size of the knife to be quite diminutive, which might not suit everyone’s preferences. The knife’s neck sheath, although convenient, did leave me somewhat concerned about its longevity over time.

Overall, the Spyderco Ark Personal Defense Knife proved to be a versatile and reliable companion during my daily adventures. While I encountered a few minor downsides, the benefits of this high-quality knife far outweighed them. If you’re in the market for a lightweight and sharp knife that can handle various tasks, the Spyderco Ark Personal Defense Knife is definitely worth considering.

Spyderco 603F Gauntlet Select Sharpener — Easy Knife Sharpening Solution


I’ve been using the Spyderco Gauntlet Select Sharpener for a while now and I must say, it’s made a huge difference in how sharp my knives get. The injection-molded high-impact-plastic base is sturdy and easy to use, even for beginners like me.

I especially love the star-shaped holes that hold the rods at the perfect 40-degree angle, making it a breeze to create long-lasting, sharp edges. The Gauntlet Select also comes with a pair of fine ceramic rods, which work great for most sharpening needs.

And if you need to reprofile badly worn edges or sharpen serrated knives, you can always get a pair of CBN rods separately. Overall, this is a high-quality sharpening system that’s easy to use and delivers great results.

Spyderco Ceramic File Set — 4-Piece USA-Made File Set


I recently gave Spyderco’s 400F Ceramic Files a try and let me tell you, they’ve become a staple in my workshop. These four-piece files include round, square, triangular, and slip-shaped rods, all perfectly suited for deburring hardened tools, molds, even carbide. The made-in-USA quality and fine-grit readiness make this set ideal for a range of tasks.

However, there’s one word of caution: these stones are so smooth and effective that you might find yourself sharpening more than just your tools. My advice? Keep these files tucked away in the convenient snap-front suede pouch for safekeeping. Overall, I’m thrilled with this purchase and can’t imagine life without these versatile ceramic files.

Versatile BaliYo Pen Spyderco — Ambidextrous Toy & Writing Instrument


The Spyderco BaliYo is an intriguing toy that encourages ambidextrous hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills development. It’s a clever writing instrument that combines the versatility of a pen with a touch of fun.

The pen features a rotating body, constructed from three close-tolerance polymer pieces, which offers a unique writing experience. While the BaliYo might seem like a simple toy, the fluid design allows for all sorts of interesting tricks, flips, and twirls when practiced.

It has been a pleasant surprise during my everyday life, offering a unique writing experience. However, I must admit that it’s not for everyone, especially those with small children under the age of 5, as there are a few small parts.

Heavy-Duty BaliYo Butterfly Pen with Versatile Handling and Retractable Feature by Spyderco


This Heavy Duty Butterfly Pen from Spyderco, also known as the BaliYo, has been a game-changer for me. As a fan of both balisongs and writing instruments, I was thrilled to find a product that combined the best of both worlds. The unique twin-handled design allows for hours of creative manipulation, making it a satisfying and entertaining accessory to have around.

One of the features that stood out to me is the Fisher Space Pen cartridge, which offers a smooth and consistent writing experience. It’s no secret that pen quality can make a significant difference in how something is perceived. This pen doesn’t let me down in that department.

However, while the dual-handled design provides an interesting form of dexterity exercise, it can also be a bit challenging to use. The pen is retracted just as the last balisongs are, but the mechanism could be a little more refined to make it easier for one- handed use.

Overall, the BaliYo from Spyderco is an intriguing pen that has caught the attention of many for its unique blend of style and writing function. While it could use some minor refinements, it remains a fun and practical device in my everyday life.

Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker: Comprehensive Knife Sharpening System


The Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker is a versatile and convenient solution for anyone looking to keep their knives in tip-top shape. The system is designed to accommodate varying blade angles, making it easy for even the most inexperienced users to achieve razor-sharp edges.

One of the standout features of the Sharpmaker is its ability to sharpen everything from kitchen knives to fish hooks and darts. The clever design of the base allows users to set the stones at different angles for various tasks, which is particularly useful if you’re working with a range of different tools.

The Sharpmaker is incredibly user-friendly, thanks to its intuitive setup and instructions. The instructional DVD and manual provide clear guidance on how to use the system, making it easy for anyone to get the most out of their sharpening experience.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider. The Sharpmaker doesn’t come with a coarse grit set, which means that it’s not the ideal solution for deeply damaged or heavily worn blades. It’s also worth mentioning that the hand protectors are made of aluminum, which may not be the most durable material available.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a convenient and effective way to maintain their knives. With its versatility, ease of use, and excellent sharpening capabilities, it’s a tool that’s sure to become a staple in any serious home chef’s kitchen.

Portable Field Stone Pouch for Sharpening by Spyderco


I recently used a small pocket stone from Spyderco for honing my engraving tools, and it turned out to be a game-changer. The fine-grit ceramic stone, with its dense particles, created razor-sharp edges with a minimum of wear and tear. What I loved the most, though, was that I didn’t need any lubricants or hassle-free clean-ups.

The stone could be easily cleaned with just water and a scouring pad. However, it’s important to note that without proper handling, the stone could become too harsh, causing damage to the edges. Overall, it’s a fantastic addition to any travel-ready toolkit.

Spyderco Ceramic Bench Stone Sharpener


I recently fell in love with the Spyderco Bench Stone Sharpener. This ceramic stone is perfect for honing wide tools and blades, including plane irons, chisels, large blades, woodworking equipment, and even ski edges. Available in medium, fine, or ultrafine grits, each of these stones comes with a rigid polymer storage case complete with non-slip rubber feet.

Using it dry without lubricants or oils has been seamless, and the medium grit is great for daily use on pocket knives. It may require some flattening, but overall, it delivers a clean and dry sharpening experience. I highly recommend the Spyderco Bench Stone Sharpener for anyone seeking a durable and versatile sharpening tool.

Premium Deburring and Sharpening Tool by Spyderco


In my experience, the Spyderco Ceramic File Round has become an indispensable tool in my daily life. With its fine grit, it has proven to be perfect for deburring and sharpening steel, making it great for professional-grade finishing, polishing, and deburring. Its small size and portable design make it easy to carry around, allowing me to use it whenever and wherever I need it.

However, there have been a few drawbacks as well. For instance, making sure it’s clean can be a bit tricky, but with ordinary kitchen cleanser and a plastic scouring pad, it’s manageable. Despite these minor inconveniences, the Spyderco’s state-of-the-art sharpening system and accessories have been incredibly helpful in giving me the edge I need, truly making it worthwhile. And, being made in the USA, there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing I’m supporting local manufacturing.

Spyderco Ultra-Fine Ceramic Sharpening Stone for Large Knives


I recently gave the Spyderco Ultra Fine a try and I have to say, it’s a game changer for sharpening my large knives and woodworking tools. The extra-large ceramic surface does all the work, no oil or water needed, and it leaves a perfectly polished edge every time. The thin, lightweight design allowed for easy handheld use, and the leather sleeve case provided a non-skid surface while sharpening.

Made in the USA, and it gets the job done in a jiffy — a must-have for anyone who values sharpness and efficiency.

Premium Sharpening Tool: Spyderco Golden Stone


The Spyderco Golden Stone is a unique and versatile sharpening tool that’s shaped like a duck’s foot. It’s crafted from high-quality materials and is built for performance and durability. One of the standout features is its ability to set the correct angle for sharpening automatically. Just hold the stone by the narrow end, place it on a flat surface with the round serrated side down, and move it from serration to serration for a 20-degree angle on the outer edges.

This tool is suitable for sharpening a variety of items, such as scissors, blades with serrated edges, and pointed objects. But what really sets it apart is the high-quality suede carry case that doubles as a non-slip base on the tabletop. It’s perfect for those who need a portable, yet effective sharpening solution.

However, like any tool, it has its pros and cons. For instance, some users might find it a bit challenging to use at first, but once they get the hang of it, they’ll appreciate its convenience and versatility. Overall, the Spyderco Golden Stone is a top-notch sharpening tool that’s worth the investment, especially for those who appreciate quality and craftsmanship.

Spyderco YUS116 BaliYo Butterfly Pen — Versatile, Fun, and Made in the USA


The Spyderco BaliYo Orange & Blue Pen, YUS116 is a unique and versatile writing instrument designed for both ambidextrous use and fine motor skill development. With its high-impact central body, rotating polymer handles, and pressurized Fisher Space Pen cartridge, this pen offers a smooth writing experience that’s hard to match. Made in the USA with top-notch materials and precision manufacturing, the YUS116 is a world-class pen that stands out from the crowd.

Unleash Your Creativity with Spyderco Baliyo Butterfly Pen Red/White/Blue


Growing up, I was always a fan of those pen-shaped objects that could be spun and flicked around. One day, I stumbled upon the Spyderco Baliyo Butterfly Pen Red/White/Blue, and I decided to give it a try.

To my surprise, the Baliyo was a delight to use. It’s made from high-performance materials, which makes it a durable tool in your daily life. The pen’s design allows you to perform tricks and spins with ease. The positioning dynamics of the pivots provide you with the ability to change the speed and force of gravity while flipping and twirling.

The Baliyo is not only a pen but a fun toy that promotes ambidextrous hand/eye coordination and helps develop fine motor skills. It’s safe to use, and you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, even while sitting.

One aspect that I found a bit disappointing is the ink cartridge. It’s not pocket-safe, which could be an issue if you’re constantly carrying it with you. The ink cartridge also tends to protrude from the tip, even in the closed position, which could be an inconvenience.

Despite these minor flaws, I still find the Spyderco Baliyo Butterfly Pen Red/White/Blue to be a great tool for both writing and fun. It’s a unique and intriguing pen that will keep you entertained and engaged. So, if you’re looking for an exciting and versatile pen to add to your daily life, give this one a try!

High-Quality Triangle Ceramic Knife Sharpener by Spyderco


As a reviewer who has been using the Spyderco Ceramic File Triangle in my daily life, I must say that it has proven to be a reliable and efficient tool to keep my knives sharp and in perfect working order. The high-quality materials used in its construction ensure that it is built for performance and durability, making it perfect for jewelers, gunsmiths, and dental professionals.

The autoclave-safe feature was particularly noteworthy, as it allows me to use the file in sterilization processes without any worries. However, I noticed that this file can be a bit more challenging to clean compared to some other options on the market. As a result, it takes more time and effort to maintain its pristine condition.

Despite this minor setback, I am overall very satisfied with the Spyderco Ceramic File Triangle. It has significantly improved my knife sharpening process and has helped me achieve the precision I was looking for. Its unique and stylish design also adds a touch of elegance to my workspace, making this product a solid choice for anyone in need of a high-performance, durable, and reliable knife sharpener.


Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the Spyderco buyer’s guide section. Here, we will discuss the key features, considerations, and general advice to help you make an informed decision on selecting the best Spyderco product to suit your needs. Spyderco is a well-known brand in the knife industry, offering a diverse range of knives, including pocket knives, folding knives, and fixed-blade knives.


Important Features

  1. Blade Shape and Size: Spyderco offers a wide variety of blade shapes, such as clip-point, spine-saw, and round-point. The size of the blade can also vary, depending on your intended use. Consider whether you need a large, heavy blade for heavy-duty tasks or a smaller, lighter blade for everyday tasks.


  1. Blade Steel: The quality of the steel used affects the knife’s durability, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. Common blade steel options in Spyderco knives include stainless steel (e. g. , S30V) and carbon steel (e. g. , VG-10). Your choice depends on your specific requirements and preferences.

General Advice

  1. Grip Design: Spyderco is known for its unique grip design, which features a contoured handle, non-slip texture, and a hole in the handle for better control and comfortable use. Consider whether this grip design suits your hand and the tasks you plan to use the knife for.
  2. Lock Mechanism: Most Spyderco knives have a lock mechanism, such as a liner lock or a frame lock, to ensure the blade stays secure when open. Learn about the lock mechanism, its functionality, and how to use and maintain it properly.
  3. Maintenance: Maintaining your Spyderco knife is essential for its longevity and performance. Familiarize yourself with the proper care and cleaning techniques to ensure your knife stays in top condition.


Here we present a comprehensive FAQ section to answer any question you might have about our Spyderco collection.

  • What is the Spyderco brand known for?

Spyderco is a well-known brand in the world of knives, renowned for its innovative designs, high-performance blades, and ergonomic handles. These knives are a favorite among professionals and everyday users due to their durability and functionality.

  • Are Spyderco knives durable?

Yes, Spyderco knives are built to be resilient. They feature high-quality steel blades that retain sharpness for an extended period, and the sturdy handles ensure a comfortable grip, even in tough situations. Their durability makes them a reliable choice for any cutting task.

  • What are some unique features of Spyderco knives?

Spyderco knives are known for their distinctive design elements, such as the pocket clip, which allows easy access to the knife when it’s not in use, and their trademark hole or “slot” at the end of the blade, which helps in better grip and control during cutting tasks.

  • How do I choose the right Spyderco knife for my needs?

The best Spyderco knife for you depends on your requirements, budget, and personal preferences. Consider the blade length and size, the material it’s made of, and the specific design features you need for your intended use. Remember, a good-quality knife will serve you well over an extended period, so invest in the one that suits your needs the best.

  • Can I sharpen a Spyderco knife myself?

Yes, you can sharpen a Spyderco knife at home. They usually offer user-friendly materials, and a wide variety of sharpening tools are available online to assist you. However, please refer to the knife’s specifications or consult a local professional if you’re unsure or inexperienced in this process.