The Best Turntable

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26 min readApr 5, 2024


Welcome music enthusiasts! Delve into the world of Turntables as we present a comprehensive roundup featuring the top picks to elevate your listening experience. Discover the perfect blend of style, functionality, and sound quality in this ultimate guide to Turntables. Let’s embark on this thrilling journey together.

The Top 20 Best Turntable

  1. Bluetooth Record Player: Timeless Style and Clear Sound — Experience the perfect blend of style and sound with the Crosley Natural Switch II Record Player, featuring a 45 RPM turntable, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and powerful 32-watt speakers.
  2. Orbit Plus Turntable with Acrylic Platter and Ortofon Cartridge — The U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus Turntable boasts an acrylic platter, Ortofon OM5E cartridge, and precision OA2 gimbal tonearm for exceptional audio quality, speed consistency, and minimal distortion.
  3. Portable Fully Automatic Bluetooth Turntable with Premium Audio Quality — Experience superb sound quality with Audio-Technica’s AT-LP60XBT-BK fully automatic belt-drive turntable, featuring Bluetooth connectivity, 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speeds, and a high-quality integral dual magnet phono cartridge.
  4. Modern Bluetooth Record Player with Vinyl Stream Technology — Experience timeless vibes with the Journey+ Signature Bluetooth Record Player in Cream, where classic design meets cutting-edge features, allowing you to stream vinyl records to any Bluetooth speaker and enjoy the magic of music wherever you go.
  5. Bluetooth 3-Speed Turntable Record Player with Audio Input and Speakers — Experience the ultimate combination of innovation and vintage style with the Avery Espresso 3-in-1 Record Player — Bluetooth, Turntable, and built-in speakers in one sleek package.
  6. Bluetooth-Compatible Audio-Technica Turntable for High-Fidelity Audio — Experience exceptional audio quality and convenience with the Audio-Technica AT-LPGO-BT Wireless Turntable, perfect for both audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking seamless Bluetooth connectivity and advanced features.
  7. Fully Automatic High-Fidelity Turntable with Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge — Experience the high-fidelity audio of vinyl with the Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-GM Fully Automatic Turntable, featuring a reliable belt-drive design and advanced components for superior sound quality.
  8. Victrola 3-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player — Retro Chic Audio Experience — Experience the nostalgic sound of vinyl and modern Bluetooth connectivity with the Victrola 3-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player, perfectly fitting for audiophiles and collectors alike.
  9. Bluetooth Record Player with Stereo Speaker and 3-Speed Turntable — Revive your vinyl experience with this vintage-inspired Bluetooth turntable, featuring a 3-speed belt-drive player, built-in stereo speaker, and seamless Bluetooth connectivity for digital music enjoyment.
  10. Classic-Modern Record Player with Bluetooth Connectivity — Enjoy seamless audio experiences with the versatile Victrola All-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player, boasting a belt-drive system for crystal clear sound, Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming, and a removable cover to protect your records.
  11. Sleek Black Belt-Drive Turntable for High Fidelity Audio — Immerse yourself in the rich sound of vinyl with the Audio-Technica AT-LP60X, a fully automatic belt-drive turntable boasting 2 speeds, a redesigned tonearm, and a built-in switchable phono preamp for seamless connectivity.
  12. Direct Drive USB Turntable for High-Quality Vinyl Playback — Elevate your listening experience with the Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BZ Turntable, featuring a direct-drive DC servo motor, built-in phono pre-amplifier, and 3-speed platter for smooth, consistent playback of your vinyl collection.
  13. Sony Bluetooth Record Player: Modern Sound, Wireless Connectivity — Experience the perfect blend of modern audio technology and timeless record playing with the Sony Bluetooth Stereo Turntable in black, featuring easy wireless connectivity, a high-quality moving magnet cartridge, and full stereo sound.
  14. Miniature Turntable — The Perfect Portable Record Player — Experience the charm of vinyl with the Teeny-Tiny Turntable, a portable mini record player featuring 3 mini LPs for different genres and decorative stickers.
  15. Sleek and Versatile 2-Speed Turntable with Bluetooth Receiver — T150C Shelf System — Black — Black — Crosley: Stream and turntable in style with a 2-speed turntable, built-in Bluetooth, and pre-mounted cartridge, all housed in a sleek, minimalistic design.
  16. Stylish 3-Speed Turntable with CD Player, Dual Cassette Player, and Bluetooth Connectivity — Experience timeless tunes and modern technology with the Trexonic TRX-811BS Turntable, featuring a CD player, dual cassette player, and Bluetooth connectivity — perfect for any music lover.
  17. Gemini TT-900 Turntable System: 50 Watt Bluetooth Speakers for All Music Lovers — Experience hassle-free music enjoyment with the Gemini TT-900 Stereo Turntable System, featuring a versatile 50-watt sound system, seamless streaming options, and 4 stylish color choices.
  18. Walnut Wood Turntable with Built-in Speakers — Experience high-quality vinyl record playback with the 1 by One Walnut Turntable, featuring a built-in speaker system and sleek wood design.
  19. Stylish CNC-Machined Turntable with Bluetooth Connectivity — Stream or spin your vinyl with the Pro-Ject T1 Phono BT Bluetooth Manual Belt-Drive Turntable, featuring a high-gloss black finish, premium mechanical parts, and built-in phono preamplifier for seamless connectivity to any audio system.
  20. Bluetooth Turntable Record Player & Classic Radio System — Experience timeless audio magic with the Victrola Brookline 6-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player — the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern convenience!

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Bluetooth Record Player: Timeless Style and Clear Sound


The natural beauty of the Switch II Record Player with Speakers breathes life into your vinyl collection in an unpretentious manner. The pure white body, accentuated by a warm blonde veneer cabinet, exudes a clean aesthetic without compromising functionality. Easily transition between playing records, tuning in to the AM/FM radio, or streaming your favorite playlist via Bluetooth. The integrated 32-watt speakers share the horizontal grill pattern of the turntable, creating a harmonious look.

Listening to your beloved records on the Switch II is a treat to the ears, thanks to the built-in moving magnet cartridge. This record player delivers clear and rich sound, captivating your senses and transporting you to the heart of every song. The design is not only visually appealing, but also sturdy and built to last, instilling confidence in its longevity.

Whether you’re a seasoned vinyl enthusiast or a newcomer, the Switch II’s combination of top-notch audio quality, user-friendly interface, and stylish design makes it an exceptional choice for those seeking to elevate their music experience. It’s more than just a record player; it’s a gateway to a sonic journey that will enchant your ears and add a touch of sophistication to your home.

Orbit Plus Turntable with Acrylic Platter and Ortofon Cartridge


Imagine walking into a room where classic rock is spinning on a turntable, filling the space with a warm and nostalgic embrace. That’s the magic of the U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus turntable. With its sleek blue acrylic platter, the music sounds clearer and more detailed than ever before. The tonearm glides effortlessly, leaving behind only the pure sound of the vinyl.

Now, let me share with you the small inconveniences that came with this fantastic device. When the belt needs to be adjusted, it takes a few extra seconds, and since it’s optional, some users had to pay extra for the convenience. Additionally, the turntable required a separate preamp for some, which was not included in the package. All in all, these are minor issues that didn’t overshadow the overall positive experience I had with the U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus.

Portable Fully Automatic Bluetooth Turntable with Premium Audio Quality


One sunny afternoon, I decided to add a touch of retro vibe to my music collection by trying out the Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Automatic Bluetooth Turntable. As I unboxed it, I was pleasantly surprised by its sleek and sturdy build. The black finish and rounded design looked stylish on my desk, and the aluminum platter gave a sense of durability.

Setting it up was a breeze, as it comes with a user-friendly manual. With just a few simple steps, I had the turntable connected to my speaker system and ready to play my favorite vinyl records. The automatic operation is a game-changer, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have the patience to manually adjust the tonearm.

One feature that stood out for me was the integral Dual Magnet phono cartridge. It effortlessly glided across the records, providing a clear and crisp sound quality. However, I noticed that the tonearm and headshell were non-adjustable, which might be a drawback for some audiophiles.

Connecting the turntable to my Bluetooth speakers was seamless, allowing me to enjoy my music without any wires getting in the way. The built-in phono pre-amp was also a nice touch, making it easier to connect to other audio systems. The only downside was the lack of a clip to secure the tonearm when resting, which could have been handy for easy maintenance.

Overall, the Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Automatic Bluetooth Turntable has been a great addition to my music setup. Its blend of modern technology with the classic appeal of vinyl records makes it a fantastic choice for anyone looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their daily listening habits. Despite a few minor drawbacks, the pros far outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile investment for any music enthusiast.

Modern Bluetooth Record Player with Vinyl Stream Technology


Experiencing the Journey+ Signature Record Player cream was a delightful journey through sound. From the first spin, the 3-speed record player provided a crisp, clear listening experience, with each note and riff meticulously rendered in crystal clarity. The built-in speakers were not only rich in audio but also easily connected to external Bluetooth speakers, allowing for endless streaming possibilities. I truly appreciated the addition of a headphone jack, which ensured private listening sessions as well.

The portable design and easy-carry handle made it simple to take the record player on-the-go, allowing me to share my favorite tunes with friends and family. The sturdy construction also ensured that the unit was durable and well-built, offering a level of sophistication to the overall design. Though the unit was compact and perfectly suited for my living space, it was a bit heavier than anticipated, so I had to be cautious when I needed to move it.

One of the features that stood out the most was the simplicity of the controls and setup, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced vinyl enthusiasts. While the built-in speakers didn’t quite meet my audiophile expectations, I still enjoyed the sound quality provided. The auto-stop feature, in particular, added a touch of convenience, prolonging the life of my records.

Overall, the Journey+ Signature Record Player cream was a wonderful blend of nostalgia and modern technology, offering an exceptional vinyl listening experience. The combination of classic design, portable features, and ease of use made it truly stand out in my daily life.

Bluetooth 3-Speed Turntable Record Player with Audio Input and Speakers


I recently came across the Avery 3-in-1 record player from Victrola, and I have to say I was quite impressed by its features and design. The espresso finish adds a touch of elegance to any space, while the classic mid-century look also appeals to my taste.

One of the standout features of this record player is its 3-speed, belt-driven turntable that plays records at 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM. This means you can enjoy a wide range of vinyl records, from classic albums to modern hits, with ease. The turntable also comes with a built-in stylus, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing it separately.

Another feature that caught my attention is the Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or tablet. This is a convenient addition, as it eliminates the need for cables and makes it easy to play your favorite tunes without having to switch between devices.

The Avery 3-in-1 record player also comes with a 5mm aux-in and RCA output connection, which allows you to hook up external speakers if you want a more powerful sound experience. Additionally, the built-in stereo speakers produce a clear and rich sound, making listening to your favorite records an enjoyable experience.

However, one minor downside I encountered is that the built-in speakers might be a bit too tinny for some users. Although I personally found the sound quality to be acceptable, others might prefer to connect external speakers for a fuller sound.

Overall, the Avery 3-in-1 record player from Victrola is a well-designed and versatile option for anyone looking to enjoy their vinyl collection in style. With its wide range of features, such as the 3-speed turntable and Bluetooth connectivity, it’s an excellent choice for both casual and serious record enthusiasts.

Bluetooth-Compatible Audio-Technica Turntable for High-Fidelity Audio


I recently had the chance to test the Audio-Technica At-lpgo-bt turntable, and my experience was quite impressive. With its sleek silver design, this turntable effortlessly blends in with any living room setup.

One of the standout features of this turntable is its advanced automation. Its fully automatic operation with two speeds, 33–1/3 and 45 RPM, makes it incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. The precision and safety of the hydraulically damped lift control were truly remarkable, with the stylus smoothly lowering and raising at any point on a record.

Constructed with anti-vibration materials, this turntable effectively reduced resonance, ensuring a clear and distortion-free sound. The combination of the die-cast aluminum platter and the 4mm rubber damping mat added to its durability and overall performance.

Despite these strengths, I did encounter a few minor drawbacks. The record seemed to play a bit fast, indicating a slight speed adjustment was needed. Fortunately, the included manual provided clear guidance on how to adjust the speed. Overall, my experience with the Audio-Technica At-lpgo-bt turntable was overwhelmingly positive, and I would certainly recommend it for anyone looking to upgrade their listening experience.

Fully Automatic High-Fidelity Turntable with Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge


I recently had the chance to test out the Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-GM Fully Automatic 2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable, and I must say, it’s been a satisfying experience. This turntable is perfect for audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts who crave the rich, warm sound of vinyl records.

One of the standout features of this turntable is its fully automatic belt-drive design, which makes it incredibly user-friendly. You can play your favorite records with just the touch of a button, and it’ll automatically lift the tonearm and stop the record at the end. It’s a fantastic option for people who want to enjoy their vinyl without getting too technical.

Another feature that impressed me is the built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier, which lets you connect the turntable to speakers or a stereo system. I found this feature to be quite convenient, as it eliminated the need for an external pre-amp.

While this turntable offers many positives, there are a few drawbacks to consider as well. Although the sound quality is fantastic, the turntable is quite heavy and might not be the most portable option. Additionally, the buttons on the turntable have a somewhat hollow feel to them, which could be a letdown for some users.

In conclusion, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-GM Fully Automatic 2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality, user-friendly turntable that offers a rich, authentic vinyl experience. Although it has a few drawbacks, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Victrola 3-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player — Retro Chic Audio Experience


I was excited to try out the Victrola 3-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player, which promised to deliver the nostalgic sound of vinyl and modern connectivity options. The first thing that caught my eye was the retro design, which perfectly complemented my living room decor.

One of the standout features of this record player was the built-in speakers, which provided surprisingly clear and rich audio quality. However, when I tried connecting it to my smartphone via Bluetooth, the connection was inconsistent and often dropped.

The three-speed turntable allowed me to play a variety of records, including some vintage classics and more recent releases. While the sound quality was great for vinyl, I did notice some issues when playing digital tracks through the auxiliary input.

Overall, the record player was a fun addition to my setup, but it had its fair share of drawbacks. The inconsistent Bluetooth connection and problems with digital audio playback were certainly frustrating, but it couldn’t dampen my enjoyment of listening to my vinyl collection on it.

Bluetooth Record Player with Stereo Speaker and 3-Speed Turntable


I recently added this stylish turntable to my living room, and I must say, it has become a conversation starter. Not only does it look fantastic with its vintage design, but it’s also incredibly user-friendly and easy to set up.

One of the best features of this turntable is its versatility — it’s compatible with both 33, 45, and 78 RPM records, which is perfect for me since I have a diverse collection. And the Bluetooth function lets me seamlessly switch between my vinyl collection and my digital music, which is a nice touch.

The built-in stereo speakers are a huge plus, especially for a turntable in this price range. It pumps out excellent sound quality for its size, and even though I usually prefer headphones, I’ve found myself using the speakers more often than not.

However, one thing that could use some improvement is the dust cover. I’ve noticed a few instances where it doesn’t quite fit perfectly, leaving a gap that could potentially harm my records. But other than that, this turntable has been a great addition to my home entertainment setup.

Classic-Modern Record Player with Bluetooth Connectivity


Playing records and streaming music are now possible with this innovative Victrola All-in-1 turntable. With a stylish blend of classic and modern design, this versatile device allows you to enjoy your favorite records, radio stations, and music wirelessly through your Bluetooth devices.

The turntable’s smooth belt drive system minimizes vibrations and produces a crystal-clear sound, making it a perfect companion for music lovers. Despite a few design flaws causing wobbling and skipping issues, the overall experience has been satisfying, thanks to the built-in side speakers providing a good listening experience. The compact size, coupled with RCA and headphone jack connectivity, makes it great for those looking for a space-saving audio solution.

Sleek Black Belt-Drive Turntable for High Fidelity Audio


Experience the thrill of vinyl with this sleek Audio-Technica turntable. With its automatic belt-drive mechanism, you can effortlessly switch between 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speeds. The anti-resonance die-cast aluminum platter ensures smooth playback, while the redesigned tonearm base and headshell provide improved tracking for your records.

The built-in phono preamp expands connectivity options, while the detachable RCA cable offers easy setup. Dive into the rich, warm world of vinyl with this stylish and functional turntable.

Direct Drive USB Turntable for High-Quality Vinyl Playback


The Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BZ USB turntable has been a game-changer in my daily life, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience with all my vinyl records. The direct-drive DC servo motor effortlessly delivers smooth and consistent playback, while the adjustable dynamic anti-skate control ensures a reliable sound every time. The platter speeds of 33–1/3RPM, 45RPM, and 78RPM give me the flexibility to set the correct speed for each record, enhancing the overall sound quality.

One of the standout features of this turntable is its built-in phono pre-amplifier, allowing me to easily choose between phone or line-level output depending on my needs. The AT-VM95E dual magnet phono cartridge with 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus offers superior channel separation and low distortion, resulting in impeccable tonal grade.

While the device has a sleek and stylish bronze finish, it is quite heavy in weight, giving it a sturdy and well-built feel. The dust cover is of high quality, and the feet effectively dampen vibrations. The sound quality has met and even exceeded my expectations, with older records sounding crisp and warm. The turntable has a manual operation, which may be a bit tedious for some, but the adjustments required for optimal sound make the experience even more rewarding. Overall, the Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BZ has been a reliable and high-quality addition to my daily routine, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Sony Bluetooth Record Player: Modern Sound, Wireless Connectivity


Embracing nostalgic vinyl tunes in modern quality, this Sony Bluetooth turntable effortlessly connects via Bluetooth, providing seamless audio quality to wireless speakers and headphones. It also features a built-in phono audio output for wired device compatibility. With a minimalist design, the turntable offers easy operation through its single button press, and the customizable playback speeds of 33.3rpm and 45rpm ensures smooth listening.

The hinged detachable dust cover adds a touch of elegance while protecting your vinyl records.

Miniature Turntable — The Perfect Portable Record Player


The Teeny-Tiny Turntable brought a wave of nostalgia to my daily life. Its compact size made it incredibly convenient to carry with me wherever I go, and it was the perfect addition to any room decoration. The included miniature records, each with its own distinct genre, allowed me to enjoy a variety of music without taking too much space. The printed stickers added an extra touch of charm to the whole setup, elevating the aesthetic appeal even further.

While many aspects of this product stood out positively, some minor drawbacks were evident as well. The needle seemed to have trouble picking up the music at times, which could be frustrating, and I believe the product could have benefited from additional customization options, such as a wider variety of record sleeves or the ability to change the needle design.

Despite these minor issues, the Teeny-Tiny Turntable truly captured the essence of nostalgic joy in a convenient and portable package. Its unique design and playful features made it a delightful addition to my daily life, and I would definitely recommend it as an excellent gift for music lovers or those who appreciate retro aesthetics.

Sleek and Versatile 2-Speed Turntable with Bluetooth Receiver


Last Christmas, I gifted my daughter the Crosley T150C Shelf System, hoping it would be the perfect companion to her newfound love for vinyl. When she opened the box, I could immediately sense the compact and minimalist design of the turntable. It’s a sleek piece of machinery, with its black finish blending seamlessly with the rest of our entertainment system. The packaging was simple, but the contents were thoughtfully arranged, with a detailed guide for easy set-up.

Setting it up was really easy, and it didn’t take long before she had her first album playing, the sound filling our living room. The built-in Bluetooth receiver provided a flawless connection to her phone, and the included speakers delivered the crisp, loud sound we both loved, without any distortion even at higher volume levels. The Crosley’s turntable is a smooth operator, seamlessly transitioning between 33 and 1/3 and 45 RPM records with a simple turn of a knob, making it a versatile choice for all her favorites.

However, it came with some downsides too. At the bottom of the table, we noticed a tiny, plastic wheel that wasn’t weighted enough to balance the platter properly, causing it to vibrate during playback. We had to purchase a weight to counteract this issue, but it felt like a solution for a more budget-friendly model.

Another let-down was the quality of the speakers, especially considering the premium design. They lacked the bass and depth we expected, making it sound very plain and hollow. We eventually found a way to improve their output by adjusting the settings and using an alternative speaker, but it wasn’t ideal.

Nonetheless, the Crosley T150C Shelf System proved to be a pretty good value for money. My daughter loved it, and it provided hours of enjoyable music, vinyl records, and the overall experience of analog listening. Despite the downsides, I believe it’s a decent choice for a beginner or someone looking to dabble in the world of vinyl without a big investment.

Stylish 3-Speed Turntable with CD Player, Dual Cassette Player, and Bluetooth Connectivity


A few weeks ago, I decided to spice up my home entertainment with the Trexonic 3-Speed Turntable. This sleek device promised a blend of old and new music sources, and I was curious to see how it could improve my vinyl and CD collection.

First, I loved the turntable’s design. It fit perfectly on my entertainment center, adding a touch of class and elegance to the room. However, I felt like the small wired speakers didn’t provide the surround sound experience I was hoping for. Although the sound was clear, it was never enough to fill the room.

I had expected the CD player to work perfectly, but I found that it would shut off every time I tried to switch between different modes, like FM radio or cassette. It became such a hassle that I started to dread switching between songs and stations!

Now, let me talk about the cassette player. It was a huge disappointment. I couldn’t even insert my favorite tape without the eject button popping out! And the sound quality was poor, making it difficult to enjoy my collection.

One redeeming feature was the remote control, but it was not as reliable as I had hoped. Sometimes, it wouldn’t register my changes and left me frustrated. I ended up relying on the physical buttons on the device most of the time.

The FM radio tuner was a cool addition, but I found it quite confusing to operate. It took some time to settle on my favorite stations, and I wish there was more precision in selecting the frequencies.

On the plus side, I could hook up my phone to enjoy my personalized music collection with the 3.5mm audio jack. This was a feature that I appreciated more than I expected. The automatic shut-off was also a great power-saving feature that I found useful.

In the end, I believe the Trexonic 3-Speed Turntable is a decent option for those who are looking for a simple and stylish home stereo system. However, there are better options available if you’re after high-quality sound and seamless operation.

Gemini TT-900 Turntable System: 50 Watt Bluetooth Speakers for All Music Lovers


In my experience, the Gemini TT-900 turntable system has been a reliable companion for music enthusiasts like me. With a combination of a turntable and stereo speakers, this system made my music sessions in the living room enjoyable and hassle-free. The ability to play records and stream music via Bluetooth is a great feature that adds versatility to the product.

One of the highlights of this turntable system is its sleek design that integrates seamlessly into any room. Its stylish color variants make it appealing to the eye while providing ease of use with its volume control and pitch control. The adjustable RPM settings of 33/45 and 78 allow for a diverse range of music options.

However, the quality of the speakers has been a bit of a disappointment. Although the system works for some vinyls, it fails to deliver the desired audio experience, especially in terms of bass. Additionally, the plastic materials used in the construction feel rather cheap, which might not meet everyone’s standards for durability.

In conclusion, the TT-900 turntable system provides a satisfactory music experience with its sleek design and multiple playback options. However, the speakers could use some improvement, and the overall build quality seems to be on the cheaper side.

Walnut Wood Turntable with Built-in Speakers


This vinyl record player has been a reliable addition to my music collection. Its high fidelity belt drive turntable and built-in speakers create a clear and powerful sound that truly brings the music to life. The walnut finish adds a touch of elegance to any room, and the weight of the item ensures stability even during playback.

However, I found that it requires assistance to move, so consider having help nearby when setting it up. Overall, this record player is a great investment for any music enthusiast.

Stylish CNC-Machined Turntable with Bluetooth Connectivity


I recently put the Pro-Ject T1 Phono BT to the test in my daily life, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer for my music-listening experience. First off, its style is unbeatable — the CNC-machined plinth was a sight to behold, crafted with care to ensure a vibration-free shell. The attention to detail really shines through in its glass platter, designed as a heavy, zero-resonance piece that delivers smooth and precise playback.

The motor was a treat to work with, providing a steady belt-system attachment to the ultra-precise sub-platter. And speaking of the sub-platter, it’s mounted into a main bearing with a hardened steel axle and brass bushing, just like Pro-Ject’s Essential III turntables. The newly designed tonearm was a dream, offering low-friction bearings for true accuracy during use.

But let’s be honest, it wouldn’t truly shine without the pre-adjusted Ortofon OM 5E Moving Magnet cartridge that came straight out of the box. It provided a flawless connection to my audio system, and the Pro-Ject phono cables didn’t disappoint, either — they really amplified the music experience.

And if that wasn’t enough, this little wonder also has a built-in Bluetooth Audio transmitter, allowing me to connect to speakers and audio devices with ease. All in all, the Pro-Ject T1 Phono BT deserves its spot in the limelight for its perfect marriage of style, sound quality, and ease of use.

Bluetooth Turntable Record Player & Classic Radio System


The Victrola 6-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player is a fantastic gadget that adds a vintage touch to modern music. I recently purchased this record player, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The built-in speakers deliver crisp and clear sound, perfect for my vinyl collection. I also love the convenience of having Bluetooth connectivity, a feature I never knew I needed until now. The record player is well-designed, with a classic, timeless look that complements any living space.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this device. The cassette player could use some improvement, as some features like rewind and fast forward are not as convenient as they could be. Additionally, the provided headphone jack seems to be a bit weak; if you’re planning on using it for extended periods, you might want to upgrade to a better quality one.

Despite these issues, the Victrola 6-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player remains a reliable and enjoyable listening companion. The ability to play vinyl, CDs, cassettes, and radio stations all on one device is truly a game-changer. If you’re a music lover who appreciates both vintage and modern tunes, this record player is definitely worth considering.

Buyer’s Guide

A turntable is an essential component for any music enthusiast, providing an authentic vinyl listening experience. With diverse types and models available, this buyer’s guide will help you navigate the world of turntables, focusing on crucial features, considerations, and advice to make your purchase informed and enjoyable.

Types of Turntables


There are three main types of turntables: manual, automatic, and semi-automatic. Manual turntables require the user to lift the tonearm and place it on the record, while automatic and semi-automatic models lower the tonearm by themselves when playback begins. Automatic turntables also automatically lift the tonearm at the end of the record, while semi-automatic models require manual removal of the tonearm.

Drive Types

Turntables come in two drive types: direct drive and belt drive. Direct drive turntables use a motor that rotates the platter directly, providing more power and precision, while belt drive turntables use a belt to transfer the motor’s rotational energy to the platter, offering a smoother and quieter operation.

Platter Construction

The platter material of a turntable can greatly impact its sound quality. Common materials include aluminum, stainless steel, and acrylic. Aluminum platters are lightweight and offer lower mass and resonance, while stainless steel platters are heavier and provide better damping, reducing vibrations. Acrylic platters provide a balance between the two, offering midrange clarity and reduced resonance.


Tonearm Types

There are two main tonearm designs: S-shaped and L-shaped. S-shaped tonearms have a longer reach and are more versatile, while L-shaped tonearms are designed for shorter records and provide better stability.

Pitch Control

A good turntable should have accurate speed control, with pitch control allowing the user to adjust the speed of the platter. This is particularly important when playing vinyl records, as pitch adjustments can improve the sound quality of worn or damaged records.

Maintenance and Care


Proper maintenance and care are crucial for the longevity of a turntable. Regularly cleaning the stylus, tonearm, and platter, as well as ensuring the turntable is leveled and properly aligned, can help maintain optimal performance.

When purchasing a turntable, consider factors such as the type, drive, platter material, tonearm design, pitch control, and maintenance requirements. With this knowledge, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the perfect turntable for your music collection.


What is a turntable, and how does it work?

A turntable is an audio playback device used to spin vinyl records, also known as records or LPs (long-play records). It has a motorized platter that rotates the record at a specific speed, typically 33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM. A stylus or needle is placed on the record’s surface, which follows the grooves etched onto the vinyl. As the stylus moves along the groove, it vibrates, and those vibrations are converted into electrical signals by a cartridge.

Amplifiers and speakers then receive these electrical signals and convert them into sound, allowing the listener to hear the music or spoken word content on the record.


Why should I consider buying a turntable?

A turntable is ideal for music enthusiasts who appreciate the unique sound and experience of listening to vinyl records. Turntables provide a warm, rich, and natural sound quality that digital formats may not be able to replicate. Additionally, some people find enjoyment in the ritual of selecting, loading, and playing records on a turntable, making it a personal and nostalgic listening experience.

What turntables are included in this roundup article?

Some of the turntables included in this roundup article are the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XUSB, Rega Planar 3, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC, Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB, and the Teac TN-310.

Which turntable has the best audio quality?


The “best” audio quality can be subjective and depends on individual preferences. However, the Rega Planar 3 and the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC are both renowned for their high-quality audio performance.

What are the differences between belt-drive and direct-drive turntables?

  • Belt-drive turntables: These turntables use a rubber belt to transmit power from the motor to the platter. Belt-drive turntables are generally more affordable and have fewer moving parts, making them quieter and less prone to vibration.
  • Direct-drive turntables: These turntables have a motor directly connected to the platter. Direct-drive turntables often provide bettertorque, faster start-up times, and more precise speed control compared to belt-drive turntables. However, they can be more prone to motor noise, vibration, and wear over time.

How easy is it to set up a turntable?

Setting up a turntable typically does not require extensive expertise or advanced technical skills. Most turntables come assembled, and the main setup requirements are balancing the tonearm and adjusting the tracking force. Instructions for setting up your particular turntable can usually be found in the user manual that comes with the product.

Can I connect a turntable to my computer or phone for digital playback?

Yes, many turntables on the market come with built-in USB connectivity, allowing you to connect the turntable directly to your computer or laptop. This can enable you to digitize your vinyl records and enjoy the music through your personal computer, smartphone, or portable audio devices.

What is the difference between the USB-connected turntables and the non-USB ones?

Turntables with USB connectivity, such as the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XUSB, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC, and Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB, come with pre-installed built-in phono preamps and allow for direct digital playback. Non-USB turntables do not have this functionality and require a separate phono preamp to process and amplify the analog signal from the turntable.